The CONIC-ALL is a 30 degree one piece beveled end cap available in smooth or embossed .020 aluminum or .016 stainless steel from 2.88 through 30.0 outside diameter. When terminating or changing diameters in aluminum or stainless steel jacketed insulation systems, use CONIC-ALLS.

As with standard flat end caps you order the outside diameter required. The inside diameter is cut in the field. Pre-scribed graduated radial lines (type l) or graduated increments (type ll) from ½ inch IPS through 30.0 diameter are displayed on each CONIC-ALL (see illustrations below ). This feature makes cutting the inside diameter a very fast procedure, and will fit all inside diameters.

CONIC-ALLS present a neater appearance, easier fit, and require half the labor to install than the standard flat end caps, and they give professional looking beveled access to nuts and bolts at flanges and valves for maintenance purposes.