Single and Double Channel

Typically these are used in conjunction with Double Z metal as an efficient means of anchoring insulation and body metal onto large surfaces.

Double Channel is merely two Singles welded together as an "I" beam configuration, then the Double Z is pop riveted to the flange as one unit. This allows the insulation and the metal to be simply slid into place and with very few anchors. This system is virtually a rivetless system that is stronger, less labor intensive, and it looks beautiful. In addition, this system will breathe (expand/contract) as the thermal dynamics of your insulated vessel change without ripping screws or pop rivets as traditional systems have. Channels are available in up to 18 Ga. however 22ga. galvanized is recommended, as workers can cut it without having to purchase new equipment. Channel should be ordered for insulation thickness, i.e.. 2", 3", 4" etc. 10' lengths are standard. We have a complete metal working shop and are capable of building anything your specific job may require, of any metal, and of any gauge or thickness.